SikaBit® Hot Melt 50/70

Monolithic rubberised bitumen membrane for roof waterproofing

SikaBit® Hot Melt 50/70 is a specially formulated combination of polymer-modified bitumen, synthetic rubbers, lightweight fillers and other additives, which are hot-applied with carefully selected reinforcement fabric and protection layers to give a total waterproofing performance as part of the SikaBit® ProMelt system.

  • Hot applied system
  • suitable for completely flat (zero falls) decks
  • BBA certified No. 19/5682
  • Outstanding durability - last the life of the building
  • Nominal system thickness of 7mm
  • Tough and resistance to impact damage
  • High bond strength to substrate
  • High tensile strength
  • Monolithic application
  • Rapid setting, resistant to rain, snow and frost immediately after application
  • Fully bonded system - Non-Tracking