Sika offers complete solutions  for appliances and equipment manufacturing:

Sealing, Bonding and Sound Dampening

Sealants, Adhesives and Sound Deadening Solutions

Explore Sika's comprehensive range of sealants, adhesives, and sound deadening solutions designed to enhance the performance of your home appliances, HVAC systems, and lifts. Our portfolio features top-class elastic sealing and bonding products, catering to diverse requirements from fast assembly to slow curing. 

As a pioneer in the industry, Sika recognises the vital role of sound management in equipment. We take pride in our innovative baffle and damper technology, delivering highly efficient noise-cancelling solutions for all types of equipment.

Experience the extensive offerings of Sika and unlock the full potential of your projects. From reliable adhesives to cutting-edge sound management solutions, we've got you covered. Trust Sika's expertise to enhance the efficiency, durability, and acoustic performance of your equipment. Explore our range today and revolutionise your industry with Sika.

frame bonding with adhesive pump system