Industrial adhesives and sealants using Sikaflex® Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) technology - developed by Sika

Sika offers a wide range of solutions suitable for the whole assembly process while satisfying the most demanding market requirements.

Bonded joints have to meet severe specifications to demonstrate performances in shear, peel and fatigue, achieving reliable and long-term results. Sikaflex® Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) sealants and adhesives are based on a patented technology developed by Sika. Here, raw materials, processes and products have been carefully selected to advance the working properties and capabilities of the end product.

Thanks to this technology, versatile product performances and curing systems are feasible to offer best suited solutions to meet customer requirements. Sika has also ensured that this technology and product range complies or even surpasses the most severe and demanding Environment, Health and Safety requirements. The combination of these attributes and the adhesion friendly behaviour makes it a very user friendly and reliable solution.



High grab, low emission adhesive for fast handling


Areas of Application:

  • General machinery manufacturing
  • Body and frame assembly applications
  • Elevator and home appliances industries
  • Fixation of mirrors
  • Anywhere where fast handling and an elastic joint is required

Key Product Features:

  • Exceptional powerful initial grab
  • Very good workability, easy to extrude with manual dispensers
  • Meets highest EHS standards - isocyanate, solvents, PVC, tin and phthalates free
  • Wide adhesion range - bonds well without the need for special pre-treatments


Mould Resistant, low emission, high performance adhesive sealant


Areas of Application:

  • General machinery, body and frame sealing and bonding
  • Hygiene, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Store refrigerators and refrigerating rooms and trucks
  • Food processing and packaging machinery
  • Sealing and bonding in recreational vehicles

Key Product Features:

  • Ultimate mould and fungus resistance
  • Excellent ageing and weathering resistance - high colour stability
  • Meets highest EHS standards - isocyanate, solvents, PVC and phthalates free (EC1PLUS)
  • Wide adhesion range - bonds well without the need for special pre-treatments
  • ISEGA certificate for foodstuff area usage


Multipurpose, low emission, sealant adhesive for the broadest range of substrates including  XPS and bituminous products


Areas of Application:

  • Roofing upstands and modular buildings
  • Foamed polystyrene (XPS) installation
  • Bonds to materials including EPDM, PVC, PA and PET 
  • Sealing and bonding in general industry and vehicle manufacturing
  • The 'go-to' product when bonding to any challenging substrates

Key Product Features:

  • Compatible with foamed polystyrene (XPS) and bituminous materials
  • Meets highest EHS standards - isocyanate, solvents, PVC, plasticiser and phthalates free 
  • Widest adhesion range - bonds well without the need for special pre-treatments
  • Easy to process