Sika offers complete solutions  for speciality vehicle manufacturing such as ambulance and hearse:

Sealants, Adhesives, Protective Coatings, Sound Dampening and Lamination

Premium Sealants and Adhesives for Speciality Vehicle Manufacturing and Conversion

Discover a comprehensive range of high-quality sealants and adhesives designed for manufacturing and converting speciality vehicles. Whether you're building a custom vehicle or transforming an existing one, our products are tailored to meet the industry's unique demands.

As a manufacturer specialising in speciality vehicle and conversion sealants and adhesives, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency in your projects. Our products are engineered to meet the highest industry standards, offering exceptional bonding strength, weather resistance, and flexibility to withstand the demanding conditions of speciality vehicles.

Explore our wide range of products, learn about their specific applications, and discover their advantages.

Adhesive application on SikaStructure to form High Strength Bonding (SikaReinforcer® HSB)

We help you to improve your Vehicles and Assembly Processes

Sika provides freedom of vehicle design, sustainability, passenger and work safety, higher durability, lighter vehicle and higher process efficiency

Sika is Your Partner from Design to Production of Specialty Vehicles

Your success is our concern! We constantly ensure the highest quality standards with our products and services to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sika's Specialty Vehicles solutions are designed to help you to produce a better vehicle, run a more efficient assembly and production line, minimise emissions, and support the reduction of overall vehicle manufacturing cost. 

Better Process Control with Smart Track and Trace Features

Many Sika products are equipped with a built-in track and trace function. A Datamatrix code on each unit facilitates scanning the product label for entry of all relevant batch data in the digital process control sheets.

In-process Control with Smart Detection

Pretreatment Detection

Sika LUM Surface Preps incorporate luminescent dyes for easy detection with UV light. Treated surfaces will temporarily luminesce when exposed to UV light. Thus, these solutions provide a visible detection method for verifying primer application and aligning the process control and safety requirements under DIN 6301 and DIN 2304.

Body Assembly


Sealant / Adhesives

Adhesives - Assembly

Adhesives - Rigid

Interior Floor

Sealant / Adhesive

Adhesive - Assembly

Interior / Exterior

Sealant / Adhesives

Adhesives - Assembly


Adhesives - Assembly

Adhesives - Rigid

Composite Assembly

Adhesives - Assembly

Adhesives - Rigid

Cappings & Moulding

Sealant / Adhesives

Adhesives - Assembly