Toughened and fast-curing 2-component structural adhesive

SikaPower®-880 is a thixotropic, fast curing, gap-filling 2-component epoxy adhesive, which cures at room temperature. It is designed for use in structural joints, where toughness and high strength are required. SikaPower®-880 is particularly suitable for bonding metallic substrates, like steel and aluminium, as well as composite substrates, like GFRP and CFRP laminates. The adhesive has very good application properties and shows elevated heat resistance.  

  • High strength and high resistance to fatigue and impacts
  • Long open time
  • Fast curing at room temperature
  • Very good non-sag and application properties
  • Contains glass beads of 0.3 mm to ensure optimal bonding thickness
  • Does not contain solvents or PVC