Sikaflex® urethane and STP sealant solutions for vehicle manufacturing.

Sealants for Vehicle Manufacturing

Sikaflex® is the leading sealant brand in many markets. Sika’s wide range of polyurethane sealants for vehicle manufacturing is matching individual application requirements.

Our railway and bus customers rely on weathering-resistant and chemical resistant Sikaflex® polyurethane sealants for exterior joints and backfill applications. The latest silane terminated polymers sealants (STP) from Sika are not only isocyanate-free but also contain no phthalates.

  • Excellent application performance
  • Primerless adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Durable
  • All in One performance for sealing and bonding


Sikaflex® all-in-one sealants have been the choice of vehicle manufacturers globally for interior and exterior sealing, adhesive bonding and waterproofing applications for more than 40 years.


With the local technical service, Sika's global expertise provides commercial vehicle manufacturers optimal solutions for individual joint sealing challenges.

Sika is Your Partner for Interior and Exterior Sealing in Vehicle Manufacturing

Sikaflex® is a global standard for joint sealing and bonding in industrial manufacturing and the transportation industry. Sika’s development and testing capability provide you with customized and highly durable joint sealing solution matching your performance and process requirements the best. Our test centres all over the world ensure the elastic sealant performs under local conditions.

Rely on Sika – starting from the conception phase until production, anywhere in the world.  

Elastic Joint Sealing with Sikaflex® Polyurethane Sealants

Elastic joint sealants ensure vehicles are build watertight and with nice surface finish. Cured polyurethane sealants from Sika® are resulting in a durable and elastic joint with high tensile strength and excellent creep resistance.  Sikaflex®-200 Series polyurethane sealants stand out by

  • Their performance: polyurethane sealant technology makes them stronger and longer lasting than typical SMPs.
  • Their simplicity simple to process: Sikaflex® polyurethane sealants offer best in class application properties and ease of use with adhesion to many surfaces.
  • Their versatility: Sikaflex® polyurethane sealants are suitable for all kinds of  sealing and bonding applications.


Sika offers polyurethane sealants in the Sikaflex®-200 Series and sealants based on STP Hybrid technology in the Sikaflex®-500 Series for use in the assembly line and paint shop.

Paint Sealing with SikaPower® Epoxy Sealants and SikaSeal® Acrylic Sealants

Paint sealants are referring to products made for joint sealing prior to painting. When the paint requires heat for curing, heat cure paint sealants like 1C SikaPower® epoxy sealants with high wash-out resistivity or SikaSeal® acrylic sealants are used. 1C SikaPower® epoxy sealants stand out with excellent wash-out resistance when used in combination with e-coating or powder coating processes. 

Exterior Sealants and Weather Sealants for Vehicle Manufacturing

In vehicle manufacturing, exterior sealant joints must withstand sunlight, rain, and contact with chemicals. A high colour stability is important to maintain the look and feel of a new vehicle. Sika offers weather sealants based on polyurethane as well as silane terminated polymer technologies (STP). High UV resistivity and colour stability isn’t primarily a technology related topic.