Sika offers customized solutions with local support and worldwide availability from the model to the part for tooling and composites in the vehicle industry.

High-Quality EP and PUR Systems for Composites and Parts

Sika Advanced Resins Team is a world-leading provider and developer of high-performance resins for parts production in the vehicle industry. We offer customized solutions from the model to the shape and finished parts up to the fitting structural adhesive. Whether for the manufacture of trucks, buses, trailers, agricultural vehicles, ambulances or recreation vehicles, our customers will always find the right solution in our broad portfolio.

Exterior and interior vehicle parts can be made with SikaBiresin® CR systems. These high-performance composite systems are available for different processes and requirements.

The SikaBiresin® RIM portfolio offers a broad range of two-component polyurethane resins for parts production in small and medium series. These  innovative systems are available from “tough and flexible” to “structured and tough” properties.

Sika's core filler range is designed to fulfil the fire smoke and toxicity requirements of major plane manufacturers and to save production costs when applying. Core fillers can also be used in rail industries and any application where lightweight and honeycomb structures are relevant.

Headlight of a vehicle that can be prototyped or produced using RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) or casting


The design concept and building of lightweight vehicles support economic and ecological targets. This results in fuel savings and less material consumption (resources) but also limits the need of higher-class driver license for vehicles. With constructions like honeycomb panels, plastic parts instead of steel, stiff and durable fibre-reinforced material modern vehicle design and lightweight goes hand in hand.

Efficient Productivity

The individual construction and industrial design of a modern vehicle require a large variety of individual parts. Our systems provide solutions for small series and individually customized vehicles. By considering the economic scale for the design, manufacturing equipment to the production setup a perfect efficient solution will be evaluated. For larger series production the system can be scaled up and or adapted to mass production needs.