Sika offers complete solutions  for off-highway machinery:

Sealants, Adhesives, Protective Coatings, Sound Dampening and Lamination

Introducing Sikaflex® Adhesives and Sealants: The Ultimate Solution for Off-Highway Machinery

Sika adhesives and sealants are the go-to choice for off-highway machinery. From joining same and dissimilar materials to sealing windscreens, attaching body elements, and waterproofing, the Sikaflex®, SikaPower®, SikaFast®, Sikasil® and SikaForce® materials deliver unmatched reliability, outstanding performance, resilience and durability in the toughest environments.

Construction Machinery

We help you to improve your Vehicles and Assembly Processes

Sika provides freedom of vehicle design, sustainability, passenger and work safety, higher durability, lighter vehicle and higher process efficiency

Composite Part Assembly

Adhesives - Assembly

Adhesives - Rigid