Sikagard® Protective coatings for corrosion protection, impact protection, and fire protection.

Sikagard® Protective Coatings and Undercoatings

Sikagard® protective coating solutions provide vehicle manufacturers with durable and easy-to-use undercoatings for their products. Additionally, Sikagard® intumescent coatings are used in rail bodies for increased passenger fire protection; when exposed to heat, they form a bulging layer that isolates passenger compartments and increases evacuation time in case of fire.

Sikagard® Undercoatings

Most roads we travel are far away from being smooth and quiet. Impact protection of vulnerable areas on commercial vehicles with undercoatings significantly increased the longevity and durability of the commercial vehicles. Sika offers a high-tech underbody coating solution that combines heavy-duty stone chip protection performance with significant reductions in vehicle noise via absorption of vibration within the vehicle body. 

Sikagard® sound-deadening and undercoating solutions are developed for heavy-duty use in the transportation market.  Sikagard® underbody coatings demonstrate excellent durability thanks to high abrasion and impact resistance even at very low temperatures.

Sikagard® Intumescent Coatings for Fire Protection in Mass Transit

Underbody of a bus being intumescent coated

In mass transit, passenger safety is a crucial concern of fleet operators and government bodies. In the event of a fire, evacuation time must be long enough to disembark all passengers safely. Especially in subways, requirements are very high since evacuation may be limited due to the tunnel's size.

Sikagard® intumescent coatings are applied during manufacturing of the train and work as passive fire safety protection. When exposed to heat, Sikagard® intumescent coatings used for fire protection will increase their volume significantly under the influence of heat (approximately at 200°C) and form a bulging layer that provides heat insulation.  This physical process is one of the main principles for passive fire protection products:

Sikagard® Intumescent Coatings for Use in E-Vehicles

The capacity of battery cells determines both the performance and range of electric vehicles. Passenger safety also depends on the reliability of these batteries. Sikagard® intumescent coatings enable vehicle manufacturers to produce efficient and safe batteries. And Sikagard® fire protection coatings are the industry benchmark.

In the event of a fire, Sikagard® intumescent coatings act as a protective shield. The millimetre-thick protective coating applied adheres immediately. The work requires just a few seconds, which facilitates an efficient production process. What’s more, Sikagard® is significantly lighter than other fire protection agents, which helps to reduce the weight of the battery.

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