The Trucking Industry is Going to See a Big Shift Towards More Sustainable Vehicles

The global truck industry is a dynamic and challenging environment.  
Commercial road transportation accounts for a significant portion of the global carbon emissions. Vehicles operated electrically or powered by fuel cells will be the standard in future. Truck operators demand vehicles with a range in line with their use case as well as ever-lower vehicle operating and repair costs. Finding drivers will continue to be challenging and vehicle comfort will continue to be an important aspect in recruitment. Sika, as an automotive supplier and partner to the global truck industry, provides a range of state of the art technology solutions to assist truck manufacturers to make the best vehicles, with Sika your vehicles get lighter and thus have a longer range. Longer lasting and more cost effective in production. 

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Sika Solutions for Heavy Truck

Sika Solutions for Heavy Truck

Manufacturers of heavy trucks face daily challenges to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase innovation. Manufacturer as well as truck operator require and demand reliability and durability in combination with continuous reduction of vehicle production and operating cost.

We Help you to Improve your Vehicles and Assembly Processes

SikaReinforcer® technologies use lightweight, pre-shaped, injection molded parts within the primary body structure sections to effectively control the dynamic or static stiffness in torsion or bending of the vehicle body, without adding significant

The right thermoset composite bonding solutions can lead to significant gains in production efficiency and capacity.Since thermoset plastic parts often combine a painted class A surface with a stiffening element, excessive curing times for structural adhesives tend to create unnecessary production bottlenecks.

Sikaflex® can also be combined with Sika’s proprietary SikaBooster® and PowerCure® technologies to provide rapid full cure for applications requiring fast assembly speeds.

SikaFast® Acrylic adhesives are two-part adhesives that provide excellent bond strength and durability. SikaPower® Epoxy adhesives come in two-part adhesives and cure upon mixing the two components. They generally have the highest strength and overall performance.

SikaForce® two component Polyurethane adhesives are relatively flexible when cured, and therefore tend to have excellent impact resistance and good adhesion to most plastics.