One and multi-component urethanes and reactive hot melts for insulating sandwich panels

Laminating Adhesives for Insulation Panel Production

Users and owners of commercial and non-commercial vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, trailers, caravans, and motorhomes, seek energy-efficient, lightweight and durable vehicle bodies. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers need to optimise their production rate and consistently produce high-quality sandwich panels. If you are one of them, get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how we, at Sika can help you  meet your most urgent product and production needs.

Whether you face challenges in sandwich panel manufacturing or body assembly, Sika is the right partner for you. Sika’s global expertise combined with the local technical service will provide optimal and state-of-the-art solutions for your specific challenges. 

Rely on Sika – from concept through production, anywhere in the world.

SikaForce 3C lamination adhesive technology

Sika as your Strategic Partner for Sandwich Panel Production

Sika’s global team of experts supports you in defining your ideal bonding process and equipment and selecting the optimal adhesive to suit your requirements. For this purpose, we operate application centres for large-scale testing and evaluation of the ideal application method. This allows us to provide you with data-based recommendations by taking into consideration your production setup.

Our extensive portfolio of laminating adhesive technologies enables customised solutions for your specific open time and press time requirements for automatic or manual applications. 

Sika's contributions:

Cost Savings - The application weight (g/m²) is optimised, which means that the adhesive systems can be used cost-effectively.

Time Saving - SikaMelt® and SikaForce® adhesives meet every bonding process requirement, regardless of short or very long cycle times, leading to the desired goal.

High Efficiency - Improved use of the adhesive minimises cleaning and maintenance and, at the same time, produces less waste.

We help you to Improve your Vehicles and Assembly Processes

Process Optimisation for Caravan and Motorhome Sandwich Panels

SikaMelt® adhesive solutions are designed to enable you to improve your production speed for caravan and motorhome insulating panels. In addition, they are highly durable, can withstand high service temperatures and have good adhesion to insulating foam cores and composite or aluminium sheets.

Key product benefits:

  • Fast-setting hot melt adhesive
  • High heat resistance throughout the service life
  • Good adhesion to a broad range of substrates

Durability of Vehicles

SikaForce® adhesive technologies are ideal for large area bonding and offer a durable and efficient assembly of insulating panels to truck bodies. In addition, they ensure high structural integrity and durability thanks to their unique fatigue performances.  

SikaForce® polyurethane adhesives allow you to bond a wide range of substrates without the need for a primer that is commonly used in the trailer industry. 

Key product benefits:

  • Ideal for large bond areas
  • Primerless to a range of bonding substrates used in trailer production
  • Fast cure adhesive technology


Production Optimisation with SikaForce® 3-Component Adhesive System

SikaForce® 3-component laminating adhesives allow optimal panel production speed, regardless of the workshop’s ambient temperature and the complexity of the panels being produced. 

The use of two different A-components, one fast curing and one slow curing, in combination with a hardener, allows you to adjust the reaction speed of the
laminating adhesive to maintain your output regardless of ambient workshop temperature or the complexity of the panel. It allows you to select the optimal curing speed for each layer of the sandwich panel and significantly reduces press time whilst maintaining the required working time.

Key product benefits:

  • Real-time adjustment of curing speed
  • Different speeds for each layer of the sandwich panel
  • Production output is independent of the workshop temperature

Sika Product Lines for Insulating and Sandwich Panel Production

Sika’s reactive polyurethane laminating adhesives and hot melt adhesives help you optimise your production process, increase your production output and product durability. Sika’s solutions adapt well to existing equipment and allow for improved processing.

Adhesives for Laminating Insulation Panels for Refrigerated Trucks

Sika is your strategic partner, helping you increase your production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the durability of your sandwich panels. Sika offers a comprehensive range of reactive polyurethane adhesives for the lamination of insulation panels for refrigerated trucks. This includes our SikaForce® adhesives, either as 1-component moisture-curing, 2-component or even 3-component adhesive systems. 

A shorter press time can be achieved by using a heated press. The adhesive system can be applied either manually or using commercially available pumping, metering, and mixing application machines.

Key product benefits:

  • High final strength and durability
  • Improved structural stiffness with low panel weight
  • Adaptable throughput times and controlled bonding processes
Industrial lamination trailer

Adhesives for Body Assembly of Sandwich Panels

Sika enables a fast and efficient assembly of sandwich panels for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. For this purpose, Sika offers a specialised adhesive product portfolio, including SikaForce® 2-component polyurethane adhesives that can withstand high loads, have good gap-filling properties and are solvent-free.

Key product benefits:

  • Enhanced ability to withstand shock, impact and torsion
  • Increased structural rigidity without damaging thermal insulation
  • Improved aesthetics due to no visible fixings
Panel Laminaton

Adhesives for Laminating Sandwich Panels for Caravans and Motorhomes

Sika offers a wide range of adhesives for bonding caravan and motorhome sandwich panels that help to optimise the individual production process, reduce cycle times, and increase panel durability. All this can be achieved with the help of our SikaMelt® reactive hot melt solution or our SikaForce® 1-, 2- or 3-component polyurethane adhesives. 

Key product benefits:

  • High final strength and surface evenness
  • Improved structural rigidity
  • Broad adhesion spectrum on a variety of substrates
Luxury motor home parked at camp ground site North Beach, Florida, USA

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