SikaPower®-415 P1

Moisture pre-curable, heat curing body shop sealant

SikaPower®-415 P1 is a 1-component, cold-applied, pre-curable, heat-curing sealant based on flexibilized epoxy resin. By exposure to humidity, it forms a skin within 4 hours at ambient temperature. SikaPower®-415 P1 is designed for sealing seams or joints in sheet metal assemblies. SikaPower®-415 P1 has a good wash-out resistance, which can be improved by skin formation or pre-curing.  

  • Heat-curing 1-component elastic product
  • Suitable for sealing different metals (e.g., bare steel, aluminium, zinc-coated steel, etc.)
  • Adheres well to oily substrates
  • Skin formation by exposure to moisture at ambient temperature
  • Good wash-out resistance
  • Can be electro- or powder-coated after pre-curing or skin formation
  • Does not contain solvents or PVC