Innovative solutions for high-class prototypes and short runs.

Low Pressure RIM Systems

Sika offers a wide range of low pressure RIM systems for rapid production of small and medium series, covering the properties of thermoplastic systems.

The 2C polyurethane resins have a low viscosity and enable the production of large size, complex components with low wall thicknesses. A pot life between 1 to 3 minutes gives the opportunity to demould the parts after 5-20 minutes, which makes the production of small number of units more profitable.

Furthermore, the Sika RIM portfolio offers special RIM products with high impact resistance, high temperature resistance, long pot life for production of large parts as well as special certifications for the automotive and railway industry.

RIM parts
Small and medium series with
parts with defined properties are possible to produce in a cost efficient and economical way with SikaBiresin® RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) systems
Reaction Injection Systems RIM