Art and decoration applications are endless with SikaBiresin® epoxy and polyurethane systems boosting the creativity of artists and professionals.

Broad Product Portfolio for Applications in Art and Decoration

Sika’s epoxy and polyurethane casting resins are easy to use without the necessity of expensive equipment. A large choice is available to suit any object creation, from transparency to appearance (resembling metal or plaster) or surface texture. All casted parts in SikaBiresin® will also provide object-made durability and stability.

Uses of SikaBiresin® casting resins are endless but typically include the production of figurines and toys, statuettes and statues, jewellery articles, fine ceramic/plaster reproductions, trophies and medals, display models, luxury goods, etc.

Additionally, SikaBlock® is an alternative in the form of lightweight solid blocks specifically meant to be shaped or carved to create large-size items. While also providing durability and stability, the SikaBlock® range consists of a wide choice of densities to suit any customer preference in balancing strength and cost.

Fasstcast Figurine

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