Durability and resilience are crucial in the construction and maintenance of boats and yachts, which face constant exposure to UV rays and the relentless force of wind and waves. Sika's specially formulated elastic adhesive and sealant systems for the marine industry deliver exceptional performance in these demanding conditions. Suitable for all construction materials—whether fiberglass, aluminium, or steel—Sika's comprehensive range of marine products for boats and yachts meets all your caulking, levelling, bedding, sealing, and bonding requirements.

Modelling, Teak Decking, Glass Bonding and Sealing of Leisure Boats and Yachts

Sika is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing an extensive range of acoustic adhesives, sealants, and flooring solutions for the boats and leisure yacht industry. Renowned as experts, Sika and Sikaflex® are the go-to choices for shipyards, yachting professionals, and boat owners seeking efficient solutions for the construction, repair, or maintenance of their vessels.

Marine synthetic teak decking systems
World leader in marine glazing systems for superyachts and sailing boats with over 50,000m2 glass bonding adhesive used in 1 year
Over 400,000m2 of teak deck has been caulked wit Sikaflex® 290 DC PRO in one year

Sika Marine Configurator

Please select your application to form your joint and materials needed.

Teak decks are of functional and aesthetical importance. Providing a level, smooth and anti-slip luxury surface. 


All products can be used above and below the waterline.