At Sika, we provide exceptional adhesive solutions tailored to produce diverse types of flooring. Whether your requirement is for the lamination of multilayer parquet, resilient and sports flooring, or the addition of underlays to enhance floor functionality and reduce noise emissions, Sika has the right adhesive solution for you.

Adhesive Solutions for all Types of Flooring

Sika offers adhesive solutions specifically designed for the manufacturing of various flooring types. Our adhesive solutions are perfect for laminating flooring types such as multilayer parquet, resilient and sports flooring, as well as incorporating flooring underlays to enhance functionality, such as impact
sound insulation.
With our range of reactive hot melt adhesives, you can achieve remarkable initial strength and crosslinking, resulting in long-lasting and strong bonds. This eliminates the need for drying or adjusting, allowing you to significantly enhance your production efficiency while ensuring the durability of your products. 

Additionally, we provide thermoplastic pressure-sensitive adhesive hot melts, specifically designed to bond impact sound insulation to all types of floors. Experience the peace you deserve.
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At Sika, we help you make the best product you possibly can – from concept through production.


Sika as Your Strategic Partner

Sika’s global team of experts supports you in defining your ideal bonding process and equipment as well as in selecting the optimal adhesive that meets your requirements. For this purpose, we operate application centres for large scale testing and evaluation of the ideal application method. This allows us to provide you with data-based recommendations, taking your individual production setup into account. 

Our broad portfolio of laminating adhesive technologies provides customised solutions for continuous and discontinuous panel production lines requiring specific open and press times. 

Our Range of Offerings

  • Comprehensive range of adhesive solutions 
  • Customized adhesive systems for individual requirements 
  • Various packaging sizes for manual applications and automated processes 


  • Worldwide technology centres for customer demonstrations and examinations 
  • Process simulation for hot melt systems 
  • Support with implementation of efficient bonding processes 
  • Selection of suitable application systems 


  • Continuous development of innovative products 
  • Adaptation of pioneering technologies into other markets and applications 
  • Support for technology conversion