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Solutions for Offsite Construction

Delivering construction solutions that not only meet the most demanding specifications of the building industry, but also improving manufacturing efficiency and quality, is Sika’s commitment to offsite manufacturers.

Sika has a long track record of success as a complete system and problem solution provider on many projects around the world. With extensive technical expertise and solid practical experience on every continent and in all types of climate and environment, Sika is a highly qualified and reliable partner for all of your manufacturing needs.

Benefits of Offsite Construction

benefits of sika offsite construction

Sika has unrivalled experience in many manufacturing applications, such as Automotive, Transportation, Marine, Appliances and Renewable Energy.

We go beyond the supply of materials; we can assist with the development, testing, and design, through to supporting your implementation and process optimisation in your production.

Sika is the global technology and market leader in specialist chemicals for building and construction, providing products and complete system solutions for architectural and structural concrete, structural waterproofing, steel corrosion and fire protection, roof waterproofing, structural glazing, flooring and wall finishes, sealing and bonding, damping and reinforcing, plus so much more.

All this, of course, will help you deliver your projects more efficiently, meeting the highest specification, and with Sika as your partner, you will be ready to meet the increasing demands of the future.

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