1. Exterior Applications

For exterior applications on modular building components, Sika provides a full range of high performance solutions. Browse and click on the illustration below to see Sika's solutions for your offsite construction project, whether small-scale residential buildings or large-scale high-rise modular buildings.  

Illustration of joint sealant for air conditioning unit pipe penetration for offsite construction

Joint sealing solutions for the following uses:

  • Insulation
  • Cavity filling
  • Pipe outlets and penetrations
  • Pipes
  • Air conditioning units

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions.

Illustration of joint sealant for door jamb insulation for offsite construction

Peripheral sealing of doors, windows and joinery.

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions.

Illustration of joint sealant at exterior window in concrete wall
Application of facade mortars and paints - Illustration

Exterior facade coatings and systems, such as ETICS, EIFS and mortars.

Learn more about Sika facade coatings.

illustration of a Facade structural bonding application

Bonded windows and structurally glazed facades.

Learn more about Sika structural glazing solutions for facades.

Illustration of prefabricated concrete panels for offsite construction

Concrete admixtures for prefabricated, precast concrete components or cast-in-place concrete.

Learn more about Sika concrete admixtures or about Sika wet precast concrete solutions.

Illustration of bolt anchoring at foundation for offsite construction
Illustration of joint sealant for window insulation for offsite construction

Expansion foams and membranes around door frames and windows.

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions.

Illustration of roofing membrane installation for offsite construction

Waterproof and weatherproof systems for flat roofs with single-ply membranes and liquid-applied solutions.

Learn more about Sika roof systems.

Illustration of green roof terrace for offsite construction

Waterproofing and weatherproofing roof terraces and green roofs, including insulation and other system components of the green roof build-up.

Learn more about Sika green roof systems.