3. Modular Bathroom Pods

Using modular bathroom pods lowers construction costs by reducing construction time, improving quality and reducing on-site rework. With traditional building, a multitude of trades need to be well-coordinated to complete the bathroom installation. This requires a high degree of supervision and management on site to ensure correct sequencing and quality of work from plumbers, electricians, tilers, sealant applicators, interior designers, carpenters, and other specialists.

Bathroom pods eliminate most of these issues. Savings from waste, reduced construction times and improved quality result in better performance during use, cost savings and earlier income streams from the project. Bathrooms built in a factory offer fewer defects and allow the bathroom pod manufacturer the ability to research and implement aesthetic and functional innovations to improve the bathroom pod quality.

For bathroom pods and wet rooms, including in shipping and offshore constructions with IMO qualified solutions, Sika provides expertise with a wide range of products and systems.

Illustration of roofing membrane installation for offsite construction

Roof system buildups including membranes, insulation, vapor barriers and liquid-applied solutions.

Learn more about Sika roof systems.

Fire Resistant Penetration Seal Illustration

Firestop systems for passive fire protection, especially for the following areas:

  • Ducts and cabling
  • Service and utility penetration seals
  • Joint sealing
  • Linear seals
  • Cavity barriers
  • Pipe collars

Learn more about Sika passive fire protection.

Sealing around bathtub with Sika Sanisil sealant

Adhesives and sealants at bathtub, sink and other joints and fittings.

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions and construction adhesives.

Illustration of waterproofing mortar under tiled wall and floor in shower wet room

Waterproofing systems, including grouts, tapes and more for wet rooms, showers and bathroom pods.

Learn more about Sika waterproofing systems.

Tile setting in bathroom with Sika Ceram cementitious tile adhesive

Wall tiling adhesives, grouts, sealants and waterproofing systems.

Learn more about Sika tile setting systems.

Tile Setting System Illustration

Floor tiling adhesives, grouts, sealants and waterproofing systems.

Learn more about Sika tile setting systems.

Wall levelling with Sika levelling plaster for concrete surface

Interior wall leveling, plastering and paints for smooth finished walls.

Learn more about Sika wall finishing systems.

Illustration of prefabricated concrete panels for offsite construction

Concrete admixtures for prefabricated, precast concrete components or cast-in-place concrete.

Learn more about Sika concrete admixtures or about Sika wet precast concrete solutions.