2. Interior Applications

For interior applications in offsite construction or modular buildings, Sika provides a wide range of products and systems. Browse by clicking on the illustration below to see Sika's solutions for your interior finishing needs, from kitchens and living rooms to offices and multi-purpose areas.

Illustration of joint sealant for interior vent insulation for offsite construction

Joint sealing solutions for the following uses:

  • Insulation
  • Cavity filling
  • Airtight sealing
  • Passive fire protection

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions or about Sika firestop systems for passive fire protection.

Illustration of passive fire protection collar, board and sealant at pipe penetration

Passive fire protection for joint sealing, cavities and more.

Learn more about Sika's firestop systems for joints.

Passive fire protection for load-bearing structures in wood and steel.
Learn more about Sika's fire protection solutions for structural elements.

Illustration of joint sealant for interior window insulation for offsite construction

Peripheral sealing of doors, windows and joinery.

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions.

Illustration of interior tiling adhesives and sealant for offsite construction

Floor and wall tiling sealants, adhesives and waterproofing systems.

Learn more about Sika tile setting systems.

Illustration of prefabricated concrete panels for offsite construction

Concrete admixtures for prefabricated, precast concrete components or cast-in-place concrete.

Learn more about Sika concrete admixtures or about Sika wet precast concrete solutions.

Illustration of kitchen sink joint sealant for offsite construction

Sanitary sealants at kitchen sinks and other joints.

Learn more about Sika joint sealing solutions.

Illustration of interior kitchen floor adhesive application during offsite construction

Liquid-applied flooring, primer, leveling and floor adhesives for soft floor and wood floor installation.

Learn more about Sika flooring and floor adhesive solutions.

Illustration of wall leveling for interior finishing concrete wall by window

Interior wall leveling, plastering and paints for smooth finished walls, as well as hygienic wall coatings.

Learn more about Sika wall finishing systems and hygienic wall coatings.