Sika offers fire-rated sealants both for vertical joints in façades and horizontal floor joints between the façade and the floor slabs.

Sika’s passive fire protection solutions are designed to seal all different types of building joints and penetrations to help keep fire in defined compartments for a certain period of time, thereby allowing people to evacuate safely.

Sika Solutions Tame The Element

Fire has been a fascinating element for thousands of years, and many achievements in the history of humankind were only possible with its help. 

As much as controlled fire has been driving success and wealth as badly, it can hurt us – when out of control – and destroy achievements of decades within minutes. Therefore, it is in everybody’s interest not to lose control over this powerful and elementary force. 

Sika provides comprehensive solutions where fire-resistant construction is required, such as commercial, public and residential buildings, steel structures and others. Fire-resistant sealants, fillers and backing materials for linear seals, as well as solutions for penetration seals, enable safer buildings and infrastructure to be built. Our products comply with the latest relevant standards and can be used for a wide range of fire protection uses in linear seals, cavity barriers and penetration seals.

Fire Element

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