When Speed Matters

There are many applications where joints need to be ready for release after just a few hours, with nature or industry often dictating the working time. Situations including the maintenance of seawalls, the installation and refurbishment of transportation or water management infrastructure, operational production facilities and warehouses all come with time constraints which only allow for a small window of opportunity in which to apply the sealant.

Lighthouse with waves
Applications include:
  • Sea and harbour walls: Where application and curing time is limited by the tide
  • Water canal and infrastructure maintenance: To minimise downtime in operational areas
  • Production and warehouse facilities: To minimise production interruption
  • Business facilities e.g., stores, restaurants, leisure: To minimise downtime
  • Transportation infrastructure e.g., airports, railway: Where maintenance windows occur overnight
  • Cool and freezer rooms: Where regular sealants do not cure

To relieve the pressure faced in these application situations, Sika now offers Sikaflex®-423 PowerCure, a one-component, non-sag, high-performance sealant and booster for vertical and horizontal joints. Mixed by the unique Sika PowerCure dispenser, correct ratios of sealant and booster are applied directly to the joint for a quick and convenient application.

As a system primer we recommend using Sika Primer 115.

Versatile and Fast Curing

Icon of magic wand showing easy application easy to use products
Easy Application

Direct application: No manual mixing or mixing errors.

Fast curing
Fast Curing

Rapid release of the joints: Fast curing and low temperature applications.

Sustainability icon

Less waste: No pails, dirty mixing tools or sealant waste.

Reliable and durable
Reliable and durable
  • Resistance to salt water for seawall applications
  • High movement capability: +/-25 % (ISO9047)
  • High mechanical strength
  • High chemical resistance
Work safety icon
Work Safety

Less exposure: Ultra low monomeric diisocyanate content.

Be a Winner with Sika PowerCure Dispenser

The Sika PowerCure dispenser is widely used in industrial applications, for example to replace windscreens in short times. Sikaflex®-423 PowerCure cures quickly and reliably, regardless of joint dimensions, geometries, substrates and humidity.

Sika’s PowerCure Now Gets Even Better

The second generation of PowerCure Dispenser gets even better with new features

  • Improved handling for low viscous materials – less after flow and enhances control through the trigger
  • Up to 50% more battery life – PowerCure ships with latest High Output Red Lithium M18 Batteries from Milwaukee
  • More Products and more Applications – Including Sikaflex-423 PowerCure for construction applications


Both systems were fully charged and operated at maximum speed. For waste, cartridges were extruded completely, weight is without mixer 2C: PC Cox ElectraFlow Dual Ultra, Sikaflex®-953 490ml 10:1 system, Sulzer Mixpac F System Cartridge, Mixer: Statomix® MS 13-18-G: Extrusion 198 g/min, Waste 158g PowerCure: Sika PowerCure Dispenser, Sikaflex®-554 PowerCure 50:1, Sika PowerCure Packaging and Dynamic Mixer: Extrusion 420g/min, Waste: 63g

Ready Faster
Charge the dispenser in only 10 seconds.
More output
Up to 2x faster application with dynamic mixing.
Less waste
Reduce packaing waste by up to 60%.
Powercure Dispenser
  • Designed for ergonomic and intuitive handling
  • Precise as industrial pump dosing and dispensing equipment
  • Flexible and mobile use


User Experience first: Intuitive design, built from scratch for fast and straighforward handling of adhesives.

Powered by the latest Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium High Output batteries.

Powercure packaging
  • Up to 60% less waste than standard 2C cartridges
  • Automatic opening by the PowerCure Dispenser
  • Built on the proven unipack packaging


Environmentally-friendly: Collapsible sausage, based on the proven and popular unipack, well known from 1C adhesives and sealants

Powercure mixer nozzle
  • High throughput (up to 6ml/s)
  • Smaller waste volume than static mixers
  • Available as a screw-on adapter for custom nozzle design


Dynamic and Efficient: Maximum mixing performance within the smallest volume. It is resulting in up to 6 ml/s output and high yield.