Solutions for Data Centres

At Sika, we understand the challenges and time constraints inherent with mission critical construction. Our specialised solutions for data centre construction are designed to meet your specific requirements, be it enhancing performance, improving energy efficiency, or cutting costs.

We can offer expert guidance and innovative solutions customised to address your unique needs. Our systems can boost performance and potentially decrease operating expenses, ensuring that your data centre stays at the forefront of innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Sika products have been installed on over
data centres
Sika Sarnafil roofing has been installed on over
data centres
There are currently over
data centres located in over 120 countries.¹
billion GBP will be invested in data centres by 2028.²

Resilient Solutions for Data Centres

Roofing Data Centre roof
Concrete ready for spraying
Application of Sikaproof waterproofing membrane on below ground structure

Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center
Sealant being applied to building
passive fire protection

1. Roofing Solutions

Single Ply Roofing

Sika's Single-ply roof systems are a popular waterproofing solution for either new build or roof refurbishment projects. Sika single-ply roof systems are classified to BRoofT4, so can easily satisfy regulatory requirements for fire performance.  

Single Ply Information

Sika is renowned throughout the world for providing high-quality, long-lasting single-ply roofing solutions. Our waterproof single-ply roofing membranes are suitable for most types of roof design applications, on steel, timber, and concrete structures, and for warm, cold and inverted roofs. Whether it’s a flat, pitched, vertical, waveform, domed, concave or convex roof, we can provide a solution for almost any type of roof structure. 

Sika's Single Ply roof membranes are highly durabile, Fire-resistant and fire retardant (All of Sika's single ply membranes have completed Extended Application (EXAP) fire testing), chemical resistant and resistant to UV and natural elements such as harmful microorganisms. Along with BBA accredited durability, Sika single-ply roof systems are quick to install, which makes them a cost-effective solution. 

Sustainable - Advanced Technology
Sarnafil® Advanced Technology is the only UK Single-Ply roofing membrane that is Cradle to Cradle Certified®. Sarnafil® AT has been independently assessed to a Silver certification by the organisation who globally assess products to ensure they are more sustainable and safer for the circular economy.

liquid roofing
Liquid Roofing

Sika has an extensive range of liquid membranes and associated products, providing a comprehensive range of solutions for any project, from flat and metal roofs to balconies and gutters.

Liquid Roofing Information

Liquid Applied roof membranes have a seamless finish, which instantly reduces the possibility of joint failure and also provides more design freedom for the architect. The systems offers outstanding stability and longevity and are BBA Certified for up to 25 years.  

Sika's Liquid roof systems are the ideal solution for roof areas that require great detailing but maintaining an aesthetic finish. . Sikalastic®-625N incorporates technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This means that the waterproofing membrane is capable of curing in a wide range of conditions, making it ideal for use in the unpredictable UK climate.

Unlike traditional polyurethane systems, it does not release CO2, which can cause gassing, and application is not delayed by adverse weather, which means roofing works are not slowed down.

Bituminous Roofing

Sika's Bituminous membranes are a versatile technology. The correct combination of raw materials and layers can offer a variety of performance and durability aspects, therefore allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications

Bituminous Roofing Information

SikaShield® bituminous membranes come in two different forms: reinforced membranes and also hot melt structural waterproofing. Our bituminous membranes are formed of a reinforced; polymer modified bituminous compound, providing a high quality roof waterproofing solution. Our hot melt structural waterproofing system is an outstanding system, it is BBA certified to last the design life of the structure to which it is installed. 

SikaShield® bituminous membranes have high resistance to mechanical damage and punctures, are resistant to hail, application shocks and other possible tearing. SikaShield® is trafficable during installation and has a high dimensional stability during all climate changes, guaranteeing its waterproofing properties.

Added Value
SikaShield® can integrate different systems and build-ups, even together with other technologies, always to achieve the required design.

2. Sika Concrete Admixtures & SikaFiber®

Sika Admixtures and SikaFiber®
They can reduce water-cement ratios, accelerate the construction schedule, and increase the safety, as well as life span of the concrete and joint spacing.

Reduce carbon footprint, and save time and money by eliminating steel reinforcement, submittals (shop drawings), installation labor and tripping hazards. SikaFiber® can possibly save up to 30% over conventional steel reinforced slabs.

Sika admixtures can minimize shrinkage, minimize permeability, increase strength. SikaFiber® will reduce cracking. Sika fibres and admixtures can increase durability, sustainability, life cycle and lower concrete maintenance costs.

Slabs, roof decks, composite metal decks, precast wall panels.

Concrete ready for spraying

3. Structural Waterproofing

SikaProof® A+ Sheet membrane system 

Sika provides unique, fully-bonded, highly-flexible FPO membrane systems that can easily meet all of the stringent requirements as well as safely accommodating the project’s needs – to create and keep new and existing basement structures durably and securely watertight. 

Sika® Watertight Concrete System

The Sika® Watertight Concrete System incorporates a range of admixtures to improve its resistance to water infiltration.

Sikalastic® 8800 Liquid applied system

Fast to apply, crack-bridging, polyurethane and polyurea based liquid membranes.                                    Sika liquid applied membranes (LAM) are highly elastic and flexible polymeric systems, usually based on polyurethane or polyurea resins with excellent technical properties for high performance applications. 

Construction Joints

A full range of solutions to protect construction, expansion, and movement joints.

Hot air welding application of SikaProof® A+ fully bonded waterproofing membrane

4. Flooring Solutions

Sikafloor® ESD Floor Systems

Ultimate Protection
The Sikafloor® ESD range is the best solution for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and control.
The Sikafloor® ESD range is best suited for electronic server halls and data processing.

Sikafloor® Concrete Sealers & Hardeners

Economic Floor Solutions
Sikafloor® concrete sealers and hardeners encompass a full range of sealers, industrial screeds, liquid hardeners and dryshakes.

Sikafloor® Epoxy Floor Systems

Robust Solution
Sikafloor® epoxy systems provide excellent abrasion, chemical and impact resistance and are suited for heavy traffic and highly demanding conditions. Sikafloor® epoxy provides slip resistant, seamless coverage and customizable for a wide range of applications such as server halls, mechanical rooms, logistics/ storage areas and corridors.

Sika Flooring Solutions applied on the floor of a data center

5. Joint Sealing

The most vulnerable point of a building is at the joint, allowing water, air, and moisture to enter if not correctly sealed. Sika’s Joint Sealing range caters for all building requirements, placing a virtually impenetrable seal around any building material, internally or externally.

Sikaflex® 423 Powercure

When faced with time pressured applications, Sika 423 Powercure is the answer. The high-performance sealant and booster are mixed within the Sika PowerCure dispenser for a quick application. Its accelerated cure time means joints can be released after just a few hours, reducing down-time.

SikaHyflex ®250 Façade

To combat movement in joints, a flexible solution is needed. SikaHyflex 250 Façade has a very high movement capability of +100% / -50%, providing a strong weatherproof seal when reliability and durability are critical.

Sealant being applied to building

6. Passive Fire Protection

Modern buildings are interspersed with cables and pipes resulting in penetrations throughout walls and floors. These areas must be correctly sealed to stop the passage of flames, heat and smoke should a fire break out. Sika’s Passive Fire Protection range features solutions for both linear and penetrations seals, helping to maintain the safety of the building, and of those within.

Passive Fire Protection

7. Membranes

The SikaMembran® system is a waterproofing and vapour control system comprising of various types of membranes with optimised levels of vapour diffusion for all climatic conditions.


SikaMembran®-820 sheets are installed between structure and incorporated units using Sikaflex®-525

facades on building


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