Your EWI Experts

EWI systems from Sika incorporate high-performance render finishes with a variety of insulation products. The premium quality Sika EWI system creates attractive, energy-saving facades for both new build and refurbishment properties.

We offer a unique range of EWI renders and finishes, to create a façade that supports the reduction of our carbon footprint and lowers energy bills for the building.

Sika renders also provide excellent weather protection, meeting the requirements of Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and PremierGuarantee Zone 4 ‘Severe weather rating criteria’ for the application of renders onto a wide range of substrates and system build constructions.

Sika EWI systems are fully warranted and are tested to recognised European standards. These systems are designed to achieve a minimum 30-year design life.

External walls can account for over
of heat loss from the home
The UK has around
6 million
hard to treat, solid wall properties
One key factor to improve energy efficiency in buildings is by using
Solid wall properties emit over
5 million
tonnes of Co2 each year
of UK homes were built before 1946
of UK homes were built before 1980's

Why Choose EWI?

Colorful thermal image map of a house facade in a camera held by hand

External walls are the key contributor to energy loss, accounting for over 35% of heat loss from the home. Poorly insulated walls allow expensive heat to seep out through gaps and cracks leading to a colder living environment and higher energy bills.

Sika EWI Systems provide an effective solution to reducing this heat loss through the external envelope, while also improving the appearance and kerb appeal of the property.

Properties with narrow cavities or solid wall construction can be difficult to insulate.EWI provides the solution, installing insulation to the façade of the property rather than the internal walls.

Key Benefits of External Wall Insulation
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation projects
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • More durable protection of the building from weathering and atmospheric pollutants
  • Reduce utility bills on average by 35%
  • Reduce a building’s carbon footprint and improve its energy efficiency rating
  • Keep a building warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Prevent internal condensation leading to mould by eliminating thermal bridges
  • Reduce noise from outside
  • Can help to increase property value
House on UK street with EWI applied

Components of a Sika EWI System

Sika's external wall insulation systems are built up of high-quality products, carefully tested, and compatible with each other. The typically comprise of:

  1. Adhesive
  2. Thermal insulation board
  3. Mechanical fixing (e.g. plate anchors)
  4. Base coat
  5. Reinforcement (e.g. glass fiber mesh)
  6. Finishing layer: finishing coat with a key coat (optional) and/or decorative coat (optional)
  7. Accessories (e.g. fabricated corner beads, connection and edge profiles, expansion joint profiles, base profiles, etc.) - not shown in image
  8. Air and weather barrier, as well as drainage plain (especially for wood and lightweight steel framing) - not shown in image