The SikaProof® A+ system is an external pre- and post-applicable FPO/TPO based sheet membrane system fully bonded to the reinforced concrete structures for below ground concrete protection, waterproofing and gas proofing. Unique to SikaProof A+, the same membrane can be used for both pre-application and post-application. Alongside a simple suite of tapes and accessories, Sikaproof A+ provides a simple, durable and robust system for structural waterproofing

SikaProof®  A+ is classified as a type A barrier under BS8102:2022. 

It is suitable for residential and commercial projects (basements), as well as for infrastructure projects (cut & cover tunnels and station boxes).

Thanks to the A+ technology, the SikaProof® A+ system creates a Dual Bond with the concrete structure.

SikaProof A+ durability

Mechanical Bond

  • Coarse structure provides increased surface area for concrete to interlock with the membrane

Chemical Bond

  • Special FPO / TPO polymer with adhesive properties to bond to concrete
  • Cement content for added mechanical bond strength due to interaction with cement matrix of concrete​
SikaProof Pre-applied

Key Features of Sika Bonded Waterproofing
SikaProof A+
  • Dual bond to concrete
  • Resistant to lateral water migration up to 7 bar
  • Proven radon barrier
  • Robust against soiling
  • Same membrane pre and post- application
  • Up to 90 days exposure
  • Applicable on young concrete
Joints and Details
  • Various joint solutions
  • Several tapes
  • Thermal jointing
  • Fast and easy detailing
  • +50 years of experience
  • Proven durability through in-depth testing
  • Highly chemically resistant FPO/TPO membrane