Sika® BentoShield® Max LM

Polymer modified bentonite waterproofing system.

Sika® BentoShield® Max LM is a self healing waterproofing membrane that is resistant to contaminated soils, forming an automatic mechanical bond to freshly poured concrete. Consisting of two polypropylene geotextiles, a woven fabric and non-woven fabric, enclosing prehydrated homogeneous layer of granular sodium bentonite at a minimum weight of 5000g/m². The two geotextiles are interlocked by a needle-punching process forcing fibres from the non-woven layer through and beyond the woven layer. This process contains and confines the polymer modified bentonite granules and forms a physical link between the geotextiles. A flexible polyethylene layer is integrally bonded to the non-woven geotextile.

  • Qualified waterproofing tanking membrane in accordance with BS8102:2022
  • Water tightness of the laps tested to BS EN 1928.
  • Designed to offer protection in areas subject to changing geological conditions such as flood plains, areas of soil settlement and brown field constructions.
  • Application ensures performance stability in high water table environments and constructions which are subject to future alterations in water levels.
  • An effective barrier against ground water in saline environments.
  • Easy to install, no primers required.
  • Easy to install, no protection boards required.
  • Can be applied in temperatures below 0°C
  • Will self heal when subjected to a head of water1.
  • Can be applied during conditions of high humidity.
  • Major constructions benefit from speed of application.
  • 0.3mm PE backing gives effective Radon barrier in accordance with BRE211.

1 Damaged area size less than 2mm. Self-healing varies subject to moisture, confinement and compression levels.
Sika® BentoShield® Max LM