The highly flexible and fully bonded FPO membrane system for watertight basements

SikaProof® A+ is based on the proven FPO Sikaplan membrane used in tunneling and known for more than 50 years all around the world. The unique hybrid bonding layer forms a dual bond with concrete, through polymer modified cementitious bonding, to provide a watertight basement structure.

This differs to the previous SikaProof® A membrane which consisted of an embossed, highly flexible polyolefin membrane, with a non-woven fleece bonding layer.

SikaProof® A+ can be used in conjunction with Sika® Watertight Concrete and other compatible Sika Waterproofing solutions, such as Sika joint sealing solutions to create a complete solution for durable and cost-efficient watertight construction, for all requirements.

Sikaproof waterproofing

The advantages of the SikaProof® A+ membrane are:

  • High flexibility membrane
  • High resistance to aging
  • High resistance to aggressive mediums in natural soil and ground/sea water, as well against natural gases.

The benefits of the SikaProof® A+ membrane system:

  • High crack-bridging capability
  • ́High durability and reliability
  • High protection of living areas against environmental influences
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Application Methods for SikaProof A+