Sika-1 Waterproofing System has been used to control water ingress on new build, and repair and refurbishment projects worldwide

Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Structural Waterproofing

Sika’s structural waterproofing render system can be applied to walls and floors and is available as a screed and render system. The system can be used to meet the requirements of all 3 grades of waterproofing, as outlined by BS8102: 2010

A new, upgraded Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System* for superior performance and easier application is now available. The 4 Sika® -1 Pre-Bagged Mortars, consisting of a blend of special cement and kiln dried graded aggregates, are ready-made with Sika®-1 waterproofing admixtures included as a powder, removing the need for a separate liquid waterproofer – just add water. Packaged in 4 grades, each mortar is specifically designed for optimum application performance and durability.

The Sika®-1 Pre-bagged waterproofing system consists of a render system for use on walls and overhead surfaces, and a screed system for use on the floor.

The original Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System is also available as a BBA approved structural waterproofing system, consisting of watertight renders and screeds produced by mixing diluted Sika®-1 Waterproofing Liquid and Sika®-1 Pre-Batched Mortars.

Our waterproof render range now includes a low cement spray solution, click here to find out more.

Benefits of Sika-1 Pre-Bagged

  • No ongoing maintenance with Sika-1 Pre-Bagged - Once applied there is no requirement for drainage products or equipment such as water pumps.
  • Withstand high water pressures
  • Bonds to the substrate
  • Hard-wearing surface
  • Follow contours of structures
  • 100-year track record
  • Can be used to achieve Grades 1-3 according BS 8102-2009
  • Suitable for high water table according to BS 8102-2009
  • Sika offers a guarantee when the product is installed by a registered contractor.

Where to Apply Sika-1 Pre-Bagged Systems

Sika® Waterproof Render Projects

Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Documents

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