Sika provides a full range of waterproofing solutions for different requirements in basement construction and refurbishment. With more than 100 years of experience in Structural Waterproofing, Sika is the reliable partner for all of the parties involved in any project. Innovative Sika waterproofing solutions that include both rigid and flexible waterproofing systems, create added value and support for our customers – right from the initial project design and detailing, through to successful installation and completion on site.

To help reduce risk to both specifier and client, Sika has a Registered Waterproofing Contractors Scheme, which is designed to facilitate the selection of suitable contractors to install Sika waterproofing materials. It allows total quality control,from product to service and installation and granting clients complete peace of mind with a complete professional service nationwide.

Sika waterproofing contractor logo

Here’s why it’s good to become a registered Sika Waterproofing contractor.

Peace of mind for your customers with market leading guarantees
Lead Generation
Marketing Support

Contractors are often recruited on the basis of previous experience or recommendations, due to a fear of bad workmanship and a heightened awareness of ‘cowboy tradesmen’. As a registered Sika Waterproofing contractor you will be eligible to give your customers industry-leading product guarantees on the waterproofing work you do.

Sika Waterproofing operates a ‘reciprocal business model’. As well as the business that you create for yourself, Sika Waterproofing will also provide opportunities that our registered contractors can tender for. In addition, Sika Waterproofing is often recommended by specifiers, a territory which comes only by association with a market-leading brand.

In order to become a registered Sika Waterproofing contractor, you have to attend a minimum two-day training course which takes place at the Sika Waterproofing training academy, in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Once you have qualified we will continue to invest in your development and skills through monitoring and continual training where necessary, and our specialist waterproofing team will always be available to offer support.

We offer marketing support to help your business promote the use of Sika Waterproofing products, such as literature, giveaways and web support. In addition, you are able to use the Sika logo to boost your business profile.