SikaProof A+ Post-Applied Application

The post-applied SikaProof® A+ system is an external fully bonded FPO/TPO based sheet membrane system applied onto existing reinforced concrete structures for below ground:

Concrete protection
Gas proofing

It can be used for residential, commercial (e.g., basements) and infrastructure (e.g., cut & cover tunnels, station boxes) projects.

The SikaProof® A+ membrane is applied onto the existing reinforced concrete structure with the SikaProof® Primer-02 and the SikaProof® Adhesive-02 to form a high performing and durable fully bonded waterproofing system.

It can be applied on:
Base slab toes
Walls with double-sided formwork

SikaProof A+ post applied

1. Reinforced Concrete
2. SikaProof Primer-02
3. SikaProof Adhesive-02
4. SikaProof A+ Membrane

Key Benefits and Features of Post-Applied Membranes