Fully-bonded membrane systems for watertight basements

Sika’s unique pre or post-applied system provides a fully-bonded and crack bridging membrane. SikaProof® consists of an embossed, highly flexible polyolefin membrane, with a unique grid pattern of sealant and a specially designed non-woven fleece.

This system produces a durable mechanical bond to either fresh concrete, using pre-applied SikaProof®-A, or hardened concrete, using post-applied SikaProof®-P. In addition, the sealant prevents any lateral water underflow and migration between the SikaProof® membrane system and the structural concrete.

SikaProof® can generally be used to waterproof all types of reinforced concrete basements and other below ground structures that are exposed to aggressive ground conditions and stress or those that must provide a completely dry internal environment, whilst also being durable.

Typical projects are residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial, leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Engineered structures, such as retaining walls, tunnel galleries, potable water tanks, waste water storage treatment structures and tanks, can also be waterproofed externally with the SikaProof® system.

SikaProof® complies with BS 8102:2022 Type A construction. The benefits of the SikaProof® system are:

  • High durability
  • No lateral water underflow
  • High flexibility and crack bridging ability
  • Cost effective solution
  • Approved detailings
  • Effective radon and methane barrier
  • Quality backed by Sika warranty and a BBA certificate
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SikaProof® A Projects