SikaProof® A-08


SikaProof® A-08 is an embossed polyolefin FPO sheet membrane for pre-applied fully bonded below ground waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures. Membrane thickness 0,8 mm. SikaProof® A-08 is cold-applied without heat or open flames to prepared substrates or onto formwork before fixing reinforcement and concrete placement. The membrane has self-adhesive longitudinal strips for bonding overlap joints and is laminated with a unique sealant and a non-woven fleece backing layer which creates a bond with the cast concrete.

  • Can be used as a methane and carbon dioxide resistant membrane when installed as a waterproofing membrane fully bonded to concrete according to BS:8485:2015+A1 2019.
  • Will restrict the ingress of radon into buildings from naturally occurring sources
  • Fully bonded to the reinforced concrete structure
  • No lateral water underflow between the concrete structure and the membrane system
  • Validated high watertightness
  • High flexibility and crack-bridging
  • Pre-applied, before fixing reinforcement and concrete placement
  • Easy to install with fully adhered joints (no welding required)
  • Cold-applied (no pre-heating or open flames)
  • Good tear and impact resistant properties
  • Temporarily resistant to weathering and UV-light during construction
  • Highly durable and resistant to aging
  • Resistant to aggressive elements in natural ground water and soil
  • Can be combined with other approved Sika Waterproofing / Joint Sealing Systems
SikaProof® A-08 SikaProof® A-08