Sika offer guarantees on a range of waterproofing solutions for the benefit of the owner of the building. These are based on installations with single, dual or triple waterproofing protection measures. A specific process is required to qualify for a Sika Waterproofing guarantee. This is outlined below. If this process is not followed Sika may refuse to issue a guarantee.

Guarantee Application and Issue

The steps required to qualify for a Sika waterproofing guarantee are:

  • A Sika Specification document for the project must be issued by a Sika Specification Manager
  • A Sika tool-box talk is given to the installing operatives prior to commencement on site
  • Sika Technician’s have performed at least one interim site visit
  • Any actions and non-conformities identified in the Site Attendance Log have been be completed to Sika’s satisfaction
  • A Final Assessment has been completed prior to commencing internal works, i.e. plastering or covering over the concrete. The areas must be clear, dry and accessible for the Final Assessment
  • Complete and return the Sika Application for Waterproofing Guarantee form

The Final Assessment must be carried out with no exceptions. It is the installing contractor’s responsibility to inform Sika they are ready for the assessment. All Sika waterproofing materials must be or have been available for visual check, this includes any repairs carried out by either the Contractor, Sika Limited, or their appointed specialist contractor.

Any areas of waterproofing that were / are not available for assessment may be excluded from any guarantee. When all parties are satisfied that a successful job has been achieved, the Sika Application for Waterproofing Guarantee form must be completed by the installing contractor and returned to Sika within 12 months of final assessment.

The guarantee can then be issued to the installing contractor.

It is the responsibility of the contractor named in the specification to ensure that the following stages are completed in order for Sika Ltd to be able to issue the guarantee.

For further information, please contact Sika Waterproofing.