Leaking Structures

Water can leak into and out of structures. Reasons for this can be cracks, failed joints and even through permeable substrates. Once identified, if not treated, further problems can occur including the corrosion of reinforcement, thus resulting in the consequential loss of a usable area within the structure. Sika produce a range of resin injection systems designed to stop water ingress through leaks.

Concrete Damage

Damage can occur to the concrete in many ways but primarily through incorrect detailing, inadequate or untimely concrete compaction, or by accident. Sika produces a full range of concrete repair systems, which are compatible with all Sika waterproofing systems.


The terms “watertight” and “vapourtight” do not mean “crack-free”. Cracking can always occur in concrete in its plastic or in its hardened state, due to the stresses imposed. Sika has a complete range of products and systems for the repair of “cracks” and “honeycombing” in concrete structures.




Closing, sealing and flexible bridging of leaking cracks and honeycombing or voids in new and existing structures.

For sealing construction joints in a watertight structure, Sika provides a full range of products and systems.

Remedial surface sealing by curtain injection of surface defects in below ground concrete structures.