Sika’s unique pre or post-applied system provides a fully-bonded and crack bridging membrane.

Highly Flexible Waterproofing Membranes

Basements and other below-ground structures that are exposed to aggressive ground conditions and stress, or spaces requiring a completely dry internal environment, demand reliable, high-performance waterproofing solutions. The function of the waterproofing should also be engineered to include protection of the concrete structure itself against potentially harmful influences of aggressive natural mediums and gases in soil, groundwater or seawater.

Sika provides unique, fully-bonded, highly-flexible FPO membrane systems that can easily meet all of the stringent requirements as well as safely accommodating the project’s needs – to create and keep new and existing basement structures durably and securely watertight. Nowadays basements and other below-ground structures have to accommodate more and more demanding performance specifications, from living and leisure areas for residential buildings, to technical facilities, services and sensitive storage areas in commercial buildings.

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Typical Application Fields for Our Membranes

Below-Grade Areas, Basements and Other Concrete Structures
Waterproofing Membrane Basement

Highly flexible membrane systems protect any concrete structure up to the highest requirements.

SikaProof®, a fully-bonded TPO membrane system offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency, typically used for basements.

Loose laid Sikaplan® PVC and TPO sheet membrane systems are designed for long-term durability and can be built as standard single layer compartment systems up to the active control system and highest demands.

SikaShield® modified bituminous membrane sheets provide the most cost-efficient solution for below ground structures.

Sikaplan sheet waterproofing system protecting Visp tunnel in Switzerland

A tunnel structure has to be waterproofed either with a drainage system, a waterstop system or with the active control system for highest safety comprising a double layer membrane and tested by vacuum.

Sikaplan® PVC and TPO sheet membrane systems are designed for long-term durability and ease of application to meet these needs. They include accessories and special solutions down to the most complex details.

Drinking and Clean Water Storage
Interior of public drinking water reservoir in Offenberg Germany with Sikaplan waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing lining with loose laid TPO sheet membranes is very durable and a perfect technical solution in new construction and renovation of reservoirs.

Sikaplan® drinking water membranes fulfill the highest hygienic standards and are designed for efficient and fast application.

Tank Linings
Waste water treatment plant in Wroclaw in Poland

Retention pools or tanks for sewage water or chemical effluents require chemically resistant linings for protection of the subsoil and groundwater against pollution.

Depending on your specific project requirements, you may choose either Sikaplan® PVC or TPO sheet membranes.