Injection hose systems

SikaFuko® is a range of specially designed solid core PVC Injection Hose Systems which can be installed in concrete construction joints to waterproof them and also to seal any cracks or voids in the joint areas. The system seals joints so that they are watertight and also provide a complete maintenance solution if any leaks occur in the future.

Key Advantages:

  • 20 years international references
  • Includes re-injectable systems
  • High performance waterproofing
  • Very cost effective
  • Can be used in complex and difficult situations
  • No additional formwork or reinforcement work
  • Ideal back-up in combination with water stops
  • Provides solutions for critical applications
Illustration of Sika injection SikaFuko system below concrete foundation
Injection Hose Systems

SikaFuko® injection hose system is typically used as a secondary or complementary back-up system to seal construction, movement or connection joints (e.g. diaphragm walls). For details, the appropriate Sika injection material should be chosen.

  • Suitable for highly stringent requirements
  • No influence on formwork or reinforcement
  • Stand alone or backup systems
  • A good injection fills the complete joint and prevents any entry of water
  • Re-injectable systems

SikaFuko® Products

SikaFuko® Typical Applications

Basements – SikaFuko® provides easy and cost effective joint sealing for basement waterproofing. It seals difficult joints and complex details.
Industrial Buildings – In combination with the range of chemically resistant Sika Injection resins, SikaFuko® systems provide high security waterproofing for all types of different industrial production and processing facilities.
Refurbishment – SikaFuko® systems can be installed on very uneven surfaces and therefore can be used to seal joints in damaged concrete structures. As a result SikaFuko® systems are ideal and widely used in refurbishment projects.
Water Tanks – SikaFuko® systems provide high security in water tanks and other water retaining structures. The possibilities with the different Sika Injection products ensures high performance even under difficult conditions with variable loading etc.
Infrastructure – For infrastructure projects, SikaFuko® systems are easy to install and cost effective for effective watertight joint sealing. They can also be used for back-up security in combination with water stops.