SikaProof® A Membrane Typical Details

Watertight main section CAD drawing

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Types of SikaProof A Membrane Typical Details

Ground Level Termination (Option 1)
Ground Level Termination (Option 2)
Wall Details
Tie Bar Seal X-Plug
Secant Pile Wall
Pre-fixed Formwork
On Sheet Pile (Option 1)
On Sheet Pile Void Former (Option 2)
On Sheet Pile Timber Brace And Sacrificial Formwork (Option 3)
Contiguous Pile Capping Beam
Pipe Through RC Wall
Pipe Through Wall Penetration (Box Out Method)
Joint Details
SikaProof® P Pipe Penetration And Link With SikaProof® A And Sika®Watertight Concrete
Pile Cap (Option 2)
Construction Joint For RC Wall/Slab
Lift Pit
Slab Expansion Joint With Sika® Waterbar-Wall And Floor Joint
Lift Pit (Option 1)
Lift Pit (Option 2)
Pipe Through RC Slab
Pile Cap (Option 1)