Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Fibres are an ideal ingredient for improving the performance and durability of concrete and mortar. They increase energy absorption and fire resistance, whilst reducing shrinkage crack, fracture formation and crack widths.

The Sika range includes these fibre brands – including micro, macro and steel fibres:

  • SikaFiber® Novocon®
  • SikaFiber® Novomesh®
  • Sika® Fibermesh®
  • Sika® Fibercast®


Sika has also introduced a new steel fibre system for topping block
and beam decks - SikaFiber-1050 B&BA HF

Concrete Fibre Types

Different fibre types are used to deliver different performance requirements. Short, thin synthetic fibres are used for fire protection and crack reduction, whilst long synthetic or steel fibres generally come into play to increase energy absorption. Sika provides solutions for all eventualities, as well as other special types and blends of fibres.

Sika Fibre Reinforced Concrete Types

The strength of concrete fibres

Cracks can occur at different times during the life of concrete. In the beginning during the hardening process, the main concern is early-age shrinkage cracking. With older, hardened concrete, stress cracks can occur from loading.

If cracking in the concrete does occur, then the elastic (E) modulus of the fibres is crucial, because it defines the resistance of the fibres against deformation.

The Benefits of Concrete Fibre Reinforcement
  • Less cracking due to early-age shrinkage
  • Better cohesion in the fresh concrete
  • Higher flexural and shear strengths
  • Improved load capacity and ductility
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Potential to reduce CO2
Sika Fibre reinforced concrete
Sika Fibre Reinforced Concrete Projects
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