Workability Enhancing Admixture

The construction industry with its various challenging projects is demanding more and more workability time for fresh concrete. Extended workability, controlled over several hours without additional retardation is especially important for urban construction sites with congested traffic, or in remote areas which result in long transportation times. The solution for this demand is Sika ViscoFlow®.

Sika Viscoflow

Technology of Sika® ViscoFlow®

The key element of the Sika ViscoFlow® technology is a specially designed polycarboxylate etherbased superplasticiser (PCE) enhancing the workability time significantly and allowing for the time needed to transport and place the concrete properly. The initial setting of the concrete is thereby only extended by the additional workability time gained by the use of the new polymer. The workability time can thus be defined based on the requirements.

Benefits of Sika® ViscoFlow®

  • Slump retention without additional retardation and subsequent fast strength development
  • Constant slump flow and consistency of concrete for hours
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications with high or low water/cement ratio and/or high or low ambient temperatures
  • Sika ViscoFlow® can be used with regular cements as well as low-alkali cements

Sika ViscoFlow® is not only another admixture, it represents a valuable product in our polymer toolbox broadening the range of applications and fulfilling challenging customer requirements:

  • In any concrete Sika ViscoFlow® can be used for high performance slump retention facilitating an ensured target. This effect can be achieved without any additional retardation of the initial setting.
  • The workability can also be ensured when critical cements are used which lead to early stiffening with normal PCE’s.
  • The extended workability time of high performance concrete with a low water /cement ratio and therefore high durability properties can also be set with Sika ViscoFlow®.
  • Under different environmental circumstances such as hot temperatures, the required workability time can be achieved with Sika ViscoFlow®.
Sika ViscoFlow® Product Range:

Sika® ViscoFlow® 1000

Use: All ready-mix applications with consistence requirements from S2 up to S4.

Benefits: Particularly suited for use in concretes that require low water cement ratio and or high water reductions. Extended travel time due to congestion / distance compensated with excellent workability properties of up to 3 hours.

Sika® ViscoFlow® 1100 (GB)

Use: High range water reduction in ready mix concrete across a broad range of consistence classes.

Benefits: Particularly suited for use in concretes requiring high water reduction or low water/cement ratios. Excellent workability retention for a variety of applications.

Sika® ViscoFlow® 2000 (GB)

Use: All ready-mix applications with consistence requirements from S4 up to SF3 (SCC).

Benefits: Excellent workability properties of up to 3 hours for projects that require extended consistence retention without delayed setting.

Sika® ViscoFlow® 3000

Use: Designed for use in all flowing screed and Self Compacting Concrete requirements.

Benefits: Sika® ViscoFlow® 3000 utilises fast adsorption polymers resulting in highly efficient dispersion of the admixture and potential reduction in mixing time. Reduction in energy costs whilst producing a superior product.

Sika® ViscoFlow® 4000

Use: Suitability for use across broad range of consistence classes from S4 – SF3

Benefits: Designed as a high range water reducer or superplasticiser. It is particularly suited for use in concretes that require low water/cement ratios and / or high water reductions with excellent workability retention properties of 4 hours+.