Concrete Admixture Standard - BS EN 934

BS EN 934 is the harmonised European standard – ‘Admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout’.
BS EN 934 is split into 6 parts:

  1. Common requirements – published 2008
  2. Concrete admixtures – published 2001, revised 2009
  3. Admixtures for mortar – published 2004, revised 2009
  4. Admixtures for grout – published 2001, revised 2009
  5. Admixtures for sprayed concrete – published 2005
  6. Sampling, conformity control, evaluation of conformity, marking and labelling

Parts 1 and 6 are not product standards but give complementary information that is essential to the implementation of parts 2 to 5.

New regulatory requirements for admixtures in concrete in contact with drinking water and on release of regulated dangerous substances are currently being drafted by the European Commission and will eventually appear in EN 934 part 1.

Sika concrete admixture lab

Concrete Test Methods:

The test methods called up in EN 934 can be found in the EN 480 series of standards.

Admixtures to BS 8443

Some admixtures that are not covered by EN934 are covered by BS 8443.
The Cement Admixtures Association (CAA) has worked with the British Standards Institution (BSI) to introduce a new British standard for special purpose admixtures not covered by EN934. This allows admixture suppliers to show ‘established suitability’ for their products in compliance with the requirements of EN 206-1
BS 8443 is based on EN 934 and provides definitions, general and specific requirements for special purpose admixtures as well as the test methods not found in the EN 480 series.

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