More value, less impact

Concrete admixtures can improve the sustainability of concrete in many different ways. Firstly they can improve the quality and performance of the concrete significantly, which extends its service life.

The addition of stabilizing and special water reducing admixtures also enables recycled aggregates to be used for the production of good quality concrete. Finally, the energy required to obtain high early strengths in precast concrete can be greatly reduced or even completely replaced by water reducing and accelerating admixtures.

Saving resources and reducing waste in concrete production

Given the high demand for concrete, its sustainable production and application is an issue of increasing importance for the construction industry and regulators worldwide. Old concrete is being recycled more often, as it’s crushed and used as aggregates for production of new concrete. Material efficiency is further improved by on-site recycling of excavated material. Environmental benefits include:

  • Re-using existing materials reduces extraction of new aggregate materials.
  • Reduction of pollution caused by transporting waste to landfill sites.


Admixtures for quality concrete made with recycled aggregates

Recycling preserves natural resources of gravel and sand and reduces demolition waste that otherwise would be disposed in landfills.Sika admixtures allow the use of recycled concrete as an aggregate in concrete production, so that concrete of good quality and workability can be produced.