Underground construction jobsite

Underground construction for purposes such as road tunnels, railway tunnels, metro and utility tunnels are subjected to severe stress from nature. They require construction systems able to ensure durability and a constant protection against ground water and environmental exposure. Simultaneously, they must be able to withstand the requirements of different operating modes. Sigunit, Sikament, Sika Viscocrete and Sika Plan membranes are heritage products which are still used extensively in tunnelling works today.

Continuous improvement and state of the art production sites

These products are the results of 100 years of experience, continuous improvement, innovation and state-of-the-art production sites. The product range comprises all major technologies to offer you the best solutions for your projects.

Key points for efficient underground excavation:

  • Adequate setting time for Shotcrete with low rebound
  • Immediate support
  • Sealing and waterproofing technologies
  • Durable concrete lining
Sika Conventional tunnel
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