Protective coatings for tank linings and corrosion protection

Sika offers a wide range of protective coatings for steel or concrete structures. Used in large thickeners, leach tanks, floatation cells or as corrosion protection for exposed steel structures, we cover the whole application range. The products are either manually applied or applied by the use of special spraying equipment.

protective coating for tunnels sika

Concrete for long service life

Tunnels linings have to be protected for long lasting service life. For permanent protection and for visual design of the tunnel construction, effective surface protection systems are used. They have a firm bonding with the substrate, are resistant against stress from de-icing salt, moisture and damages from air and act as a protection against carbonation. These coating systems do not restrict the diffusion of water vapour and slow the ageing process of concrete. The Sikagard® range of paints cover all these applications.

Protection for concrete lining

All systems of Sika are tested and certified in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Distinction is made between surface protection systems for surfaces that cannot be trodden or driven on or which are mechanically stressed. The Sikagard® range also offers coatings able to penetrate into the substrate, create water-repellent surfaces and protect the substrate from penetration of harmful substances.

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