Changes your construction durability dramatically

The engineering of concrete structures is a continuous developmental process. Invention and development of new construction methods place ever higher demands on building materials. Concrete producers face this technological challenge daily alongside other factors such as economy, ecology, raw material and energy costs as well as increased logistical complexity. In the duration of the whole construction process time itself also becomes an increasingly important factor.

Sika Viscocrete

Functionality of Sika® ViscoCrete®

Enhanced Durability

Sika® ViscoCrete® technology brings several innovative options to concrete mix design. A major characteristic is the capability to substantially reduce the water content of a mix. Achievement of lower water / cement ratios results in dramatically enhanced durability, induced by remarkably low concrete permeability. Application of more economical mix designs is another option, with optimisations yielding more ecological and resource-friendly mixes at constant concrete quality.

Early Strength

Strength gain is a present and continuous challenge in concrete technology and the construction business. All participants in the construction process desire achievement of sufficient early strength to allow formwork removal as quickly as possible, whether on construction sites or in production of precast concrete. In industrialised precast concrete production, early strength development is crucial because it influences the entire production process. High early strength development in concrete results in fast turnaround of formwork in a precast factory, in reduced or omitted heat or steam curing, more economical and ecological concrete mix designs, and earlier cutting of prestressing tendons.

Flowable Concrete

Sika® ViscoCrete® technology responds to the trend to use flowable concrete types. Sika® ViscoCrete® offers solutions for production of flowable concrete types for ready mix, onsite production and for the precast concrete industry. The target is to produce concrete with high flowability sufficient for a period of time and with no negative side effects. Extended workability, controlled over several hours and without retardation is especially important for urban construction sites with congested traffic, or in remote areas resulting in long transportation times. Sika® ViscoCrete® technology also meets the challenge of ensuring target consistency in a concrete mix in high-temperature climates.

Sika® ViscoCrete® Product Range: (for ready-mix concrete production)
Sika® ViscoCrete® 10

Use: Fast setting applications with high workability & low water cement ratio requirements.

Benefits: Faster instalment due to rapid turnaround. Approximately 1hr 15 in open life (Self Compacting Concrete possible). Provides the link between Ready-mix & Precast admixtures.


Use: General use superplasticiser for all ready-mix concrete applications.

Benefits: Provides good water reductions enabling efficient production of low water cement ratio requirements & high strength concrete (SCC possible).

Sika® ViscoCrete® Product Range: (for precast concrete production)

Sika® ViscoCrete® 30HE (UK)
Sika® ViscoCrete® Premier (UK)
Sika® ViscoCrete® CR141
Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo Pro
Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo MZ1

Sika® ViscoCrete® Strike
Sika® ViscoCrete® HE200
ViscoCrete® 335

Use: Accelerated Superplasticisers ranging from 15-20 mins open life up to around an hour. Particularly designed for Self Compacting Concrete with low water cement ratios & high durability requirements, can be used with lower consistence concrete.

Benefits: Increased productivity through the use of faster mixing & faster reacting polymers results in rapid turnaround of moulds and energy cost reductions. The excellent flowing characteristics of concrete reduces amount of blow holes & surface defects. (Sika® ViscoCrete® Duo Pro & MZ1 both contain a small amount of stabiliser to assist with poor quality aggregates / mix robustness issues).