On 1st October 2000, the withdrawal of Regulation 25(1)C, the ‘traditional use of exemption’ provision in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989, came into effect for materials use in water supply pipes, service reservoirs and water towers.

Where in-situ concrete destined for use in public supply systems contains chemical admixtures, the new regulations comprise the following requirements:-

  • Water undertakers must specify structural design to EN 1992.
  • The chemical identity of the components of the admixture must be in accordance with the substances specified in the ‘List of Authorised Cement Admixture Components’.
  • Water undertakers must obtain a declaration from the ready-mix concrete producer that the admixture does not contain chemicals other than those on the Authorised List. Admixtures whose components are on the ‘List’ require no additional testing even for BS 6920 (Water Quality effect); in effect such admixtures have been pre-approved by virtue of inclusion of their components on the List.
water drops
Sika Concrete Admixtures in Compliance with the approved list of components in the Secretary of States List of Approved Products
Sika 1+   Sika ViscoCrete-35 RM Sikament-160
Sika AER 5   Sika ViscoCrete-HE-200 Sikament Boost Pak
Sika AER 46   Sika ViscoCrete-300 (UK) Sikanol-118
Sika AER PC   Sika ViscoCrete-367 PC Sikapaver SD-1
Sika Air Pak   Sika ViscoCrete-600 MK SikaPlast CRF 336
Sika Frioplast A1/ A2/ HC   Sika ViscoCrete-650 MK SikaPlast-15 RM
Sika Intraplast-125 M   Sika ViscoCrete Duo MZ1 SikaPlast-100 MR
Sika Lightcrete Powder   Sika ViscoCrete Premier (UK) SikaPlast-115
Sika Plastiment-180   Sika ViscoCrete-4100 SikaPlast-200 MR
Sika Plastiment-190   Sika ViscoFlow-1000 SikaRapid-1
Sika Retarder 50   Sika ViscoFlow-1100 SikaRapid-2
Sika Stabilizer-4 UK   Sika ViscoFlow-2000 SikaRapid-3
Sika Stabilizer-500 VCC   Sika ViscoFlow-3000 SikaTard R (UK)
Sika ViscoCrete-10 (GB)   Sika ViscoFlow-3000 (GB) SikaTard Pak
Sika ViscoCrete-20 RM   Sika ViscoFlow-3500 / Sika ViscoFlow-3550 H SikaTard-930
Sika ViscoCrete-30 HE      

The above admixtures contain biocide/preservatives and agents, antifoam/air control agents confirmed as less than 1% in total.

Admixtures must be used within the manufacturers recommended dosage.

The chemical identity of admixtures is in accordance with the chemicals specified in Section 2.4 “List of Authorised Cement Admixture Components” of Appendix 1 of the “List of Approved Products and Processes” published by the DWI.

This Declaration confirms that the admixture does not contain chemicals other than those given in the List of Authorised Cement Admixture Components.