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In modern construction, concrete is the material of choice thanks to its proven durability and strength. Concrete is also inherently water-resistant, so it’s an ideal construction material for structures such as basements and bridges. However, designers should be aware of the different options available for specifying waterproofing solutions to prevent ingress of groundwater from surrounding soil which can damage the structure over time.

British Standard BS 8102:2009 gives recommendations and guidance to designers on how to deal with and prevent the entry of water in both precast and in situ structures and one of the main types of waterproofing methods is Type B – a waterproofing system integrated into the concrete structure. Simply put, this is a concrete with high water penetration resistance, low water conductivity and a dense microstructure, produced with an optimised mix design that is improved using a choice of waterproofing admixtures. Choosing the one which will be most effective for their project can present a confusing challenge for specifiers. It is more likely that a complete system approach including all the options available will be the best way to achieve a fully watertight structure.

Our Watertight Concrete CPD seminar considers the various challenges and how to overcome them, including;

  • Current Standards ‐ BS8102:2022 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures against Water from the Ground.
  • Waterproofing options ‐ a range of waterproofing products (systems) formulated for various applications.
  • Getting the design right with the right system.
  • Selecting the correct system ‐ different grades of waterproofing protection.
  • Quality Control ‐ ensuring correct installation and the required result.

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