Economic and ecological pressures, combined with increased requirements for concrete properties and performance, create new challenges which can affect all parties involved in the design, planning, production and construction processes of concrete and concrete structures. In turn, this creates a demand for improved and innovative concrete technologies – the core business of Sika.


The first Sika product was an innovative waterproofer for concrete. Since 1910 we have been recognised as a company who listens to the needs of our customers, developing innovative technologies, systems, concepts and products.

Professional service

Our global and regional technology centres and rapid technology transfer process, combined with our team of Sika specialists enables us to provide increased value for your business.

Advantages of Sika solutions for concrete technology

A new chapter in concrete admixture technology, Sika® ViscoCrete® superplasticiser, was opened by Sika’s innovation for concrete production at the end of the 1990s. Its unique properties allow for the production of high quality concrete and cost optimisation.

Other Sika Technologies:

  • Sika® Control shrinkage reducing admixtures
  • Sika® FerroGard corrosion inhibiting admixtures
  • SikaGrind® cement additives
  • SikaCrete® Silicafume
  • SikaPaver®/Plastiment® SD semi-dry concrete admixtures
  • Sikament®/SikaPlast® water reducing and superplasticsing admixtures
  • Sika® AER air entraining admixtures
  • Sikatard® hydration stabilisation admixtures
  • Sika Rapid® accelerating concrete admixtures
  • Sika® Watertight – watertight concrete admixtures
  • Sika® Separol® concrete release agent