Concrete for Tunnelling

Tunnel Lining

Constant development of construction processes and construction materials are required for the fast update and development of our products. With the use of Sika concrete admixtures, contractors benefit from specially tunable characteristics of concrete. The interaction between different cements and water-reducing admixtures is an important factor.

Sika concrete for tunnelling

Admixtures for concrete

With more than 100 year’s experience in concrete technology, we have the products to support you for all types of concrete applications:

  • Fast and efficient shaft linings using high performance concrete
  • Long slump life concretes for difficult logistics of concrete supplies
  • Curing compounds and mould release agents for optimal surface finishing
  • Rheology modifiers for easy concrete pumping


Set and hardening accelerators

Fast, safe and durable construction is not difficult to achieve when adopting performance admixture technologies:

  • High early-strengths in tunnel lining for fast demoulding with Sika accelerators
  • Admixtures for accelerated performance without strength decay
  • Tunable setting time admixtures


Durability improvers

Crack and risk-free concrete and low controlled shrinkage have been defined as the utmost technologies in terms of long durability concrete and long service life structures.

  • Among Sika durability improvers you will find ultimate technology in terms of shrinkage reduction
  • Strong W/C reduction through optimised HRWR and UHRWR
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