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Sika AZ Groeninge Hospital Project

Tailored Construction Solutions for all your Healthcare Project

Every part of the building envelope, from the roof and the external façade walls to the basement, can be vulnerable to water ingress, reduced indoor air quality and hygiene levels, however water will always remain the biggest risk to buildings. Therefore these facilities need a high performance “envelope”that provides secure and unyielding protection from the elements.

Sika produces a wide range of quality products and systems that can waterproof and protect, seal, bond, strengthen, reinforce, and when necessary, repair every part of the building envelope. Sika building envelope technologies simultaneously promote functionality, enhance the appearance, and extend the service life of buildings.

Sika understands the specific requirements of health-care facilities and can offer tailored solutions and expertise for all areas, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment for both patients and staff.Warm creative interior environment is important to the well-being of patients and health care personnel, plus a tight building envelop which protects this environment. Sika supplies full range environmental friendly construction solutions for this project type and has worldwide experiences.