cooling tower

Sika produces products to be used globally to meet all relevant standards, guidelines, local requirements or other recommendations.

We know our customers demand simple easy to use products with additional added value, so we also develop internal Sika tests and procedures to further control the practical performance and quality of our products and systems.

Types of Power Infrastructure

  • DAMs
  • Wind Power
  • Hydroelectric
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Nuclear Cooling Stations
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Transmission Towers
  • Thermal Cooling Towers

Solutions for Power Plants

sprayed concrete

Concrete for Power Infrastructure

  • Durability enhancing admixtures – Sika® Control - Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures, Sika® Watertight.
  • Faster construction with high early strength concrete using Sika® Rapid 1 and SikaSet®.
  • Sika® ViscoCrete®Water Reducers for production of Self Consolidating Concrete.
Sika Sarnafil single ply membrane

Flat Roofing for Power Infrastructure

  • Sustainable, single-ply vinyl membranes and systems with heat-welded seams impervious to water and moisture penetration.